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Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a simple human being who wants nothing but happiness. I spend my time Cosplaying, taking pictures, and also creating Music videos. I also Role-play but be ready to groan in frustration when we need to make a new one out of boredom.

Alice in the Country of Hearts: Diamond

Guys. It comes out TOMORROW. You have no idea how excited I am for this- yet curous. How will these new characters fair? Will the characters be likable? Are they truly the opposite of the characters we’ve known in the “Alice in the country of Hearts” Saga? All these questions are brewing and I just- I can’t wait to get it. I’m going to get it in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully. I mean, they just sent it recently and I was promised I’d get it on the release date. Amazon- don’t ruin my dreams! You’ve always gotten to me rather quickly. 

Seeking cosplay partners-

Like the title says I would love to get new cosplay partners. I have several series I would like to cosplay from and It would make my day if I can get other people to cosplay a series I like with me. Only if you like the series that is. I’m based in Florida, so if you want to do it- it would just be better if you are also located in Florida.

I shall be cosplaying from these series-


*Pandora Hearts

*Xaoilin Showdown

*Alice in the Country of Hearts

*Black Butler


con plans would be:

-Holiday Matsuri


-Megacon (still a maybe)


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