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Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a simple human being who wants nothing but happiness. I spend my time Cosplaying, taking pictures, and also creating Music videos. I also Role-play but be ready to groan in frustration when we need to make a new one out of boredom.

All I’m saying is I’m done if Maya goes with Zig. She walks in at just the right moment to see Miles screw up, but never Zig and I would hate it if she tries going with him after he did that to Miles. Who said it was bad to stay single for a while? 


Lane’s Cosplay Master Post!

It’s about time I made an updated master post of my cosplay and cosplay links! Below you will find all of the helpful link you’ll need if you follow, or would like to follow my cosplay!

If you have any questions about my cosplay(costume questions!) please check my FAQ link first to see if you can find the answer there! If not feel free to ask me! If you choose to follow me I hope you enjoy the ride and never be afraid to leave me a message, I get to them all! Thank you and now continue to enjoy your tumblr experience!

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