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Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a simple human being who wants nothing but happiness. I spend my time Cosplaying, taking pictures, and also creating Music videos. I also Role-play but be ready to groan in frustration when we need to make a new one out of boredom.

Cosplay list: (reminder, these are the main ones I would like to do)

Aura Black Quill - Ace Attorney (Commission for Metro-con)

Chase Young - Xaoilin Showdown (making for Metro-con)

Inuyasha - Inuyasha (commission for Metro-con)

Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts (commission for Metro)

Julius Monrey - Alice in the country of hearts (Revising jacket)

Dantalion - Devils and Realist (want to commission after all the others)

Loftwing - Skyward Sword (in the middle of commissioning)


Post man - Gentlemen’s Alliance (complete)

Jaden Yuki - Yugioh GX (Jacket Complete)

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler (buying from someone)

I have moved! Now for the great search for a new job and the adventures of cosplay! Stay tuned for an updated look at my cosplay list!

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